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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

1st June 2012

Posted on 5/30/2012 by SuperUser Account

With the hot weather due to cool later this week the conditions can only improve............

After 2 weeks of temperatures hitting 28C this week should see a drop back to the seasonal averages. Although fishing at Pennine as proven at times a bit difficult we have continued the high stocking policy that we are well known for with plenty of fish around the 7lb mark. Back to the fishing tactics with the bright sunshine intermediate lines are working best with damsels and black fritzs catching plenty of fish in the 6 to 8 foot mark. Floating lines are still worth a go on the more cloudier days with bloodworms starting to find fish from the dam wall areas. Fish of the week goes to Mr Chris Eley from Widnes with his first Pennine double of the season, not bad to say it was his first visit of the 2012 season! he caught the fish in front of the cages on a damsel fished from a sinking line. Top rod goes to Mr Geoff Price from Speke with 18 fish, best weighing 13lb all caught on various lures fished from a intermediate line. He also caught a blue tagged fish winning him £50.00. As I mentioned earlier rod averages have dropped to 7 fish per angler with the hot sunshine, but checking out other local waters  I have noticed there average is at 3 fish and even at 1.5 fish at another venue. So on that basis we are still out fishing most of the local competition. It's a different story with the fish weights as we continue to stock lots of fish in the 6 -7lb mark and of coarse the double figure fish we are stocking the fish average has jumped to 4.9lb.
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