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Fishing Report

Our Fishing Reports.

22nd August 2012

Posted on 8/22/2012 by SuperUser Account

A little light rain brings the daddies to life..........

There is nothing better than watching a rising trout slipping a daddy longlegs from the surface, well there is if the daddy is connected to your flyline! For the last couple of days the late afternoon has brought the some of the best surface action mainly to dry daddies and cdc buzzers. Fishing the daddies has been the best option but only when the fish are wanting to chase, strangely a daddy fished static has not really produced great numbers of fish but when fished quick seems to trigger better responses ( this has been normally found out when a angler wishes to change fishing spot or fly and is reeling in! ) The fish have been up in the first 2 to 5 foot so sinking lines have not proven to be needed as floating lines have been able to cover the depth, but if you wish to fish a lure then damsels and black tadpoles are well worth a go. Fish of the week goes to a beautiful 16lb 3oz brownie caught by Mr Shaun Kenworthy from Royton on a red tag knat fished from a floating line. Angler of the week goes to Mr Andrew Szoradi from Huddersfield with a 20 + fishing haul in 4 hours all to buzzers fished near the cages. Average fish weighs in at 4lb 7oz with a rod average of 8 per angler.
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